How It Works
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it is the same as renting out an apartment.  you rent it out and receive money every month

Get started and invest in shipping containers today:

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    All that is needed to invest is 3 containers which cost 9600 GBP.

  • 2

    We are your rental agent for the biggest companies worldwide. You receive regular income from container rentals. And there are two options available for you to choose.

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    12% Conservative Lease. – Fixed annual return on investment. – 12% of initial investment. – Each £3200 GBP containers returns £384 GBP income per year (or equivalent in your currency). – The entry level is equal to the cost of three containers.

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    Higher Income Lease. – Containers leased on shorter-term contracts, to transporters with urgent demand. – Potentially higher returns, but not fixed. – Variable income depends on the market, but in the last 3 years the ROI has been higher than 24%.

  • 5

    You will receive your income every month if you own 4 containers or more; quarterly if you own less than 4. We guarantee to buy back your containers, at full purchase price. This is in the contract.

Summary of Risk-Return Trade-Off Between Asset Classes

Once you have purchased your containers, we lease them out and you receive regular payment through their rental. The return rates of these containers consistently outperform other assets, see chart.

Investment Return* No. Of Years
Shipping Containers 24% 20
Value-priced-stocks 14.62% 33
Growth stocks 11.96% 33
Stocks (S&P 500) 8.97% 136
Corporate Bills 8.00% 150
Commodities (CRB Index) 5.53% 93
Treasury Bills 4.10% 172
Municipal Bills 4.24% 150

Source: Global Financial Data
*Average annual return over the stated time period

You can also find more information in our guide

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