What is the minimum amount of money I must spend to enter this business?

The entry level is equal to the cost of three 40’ container which is £9600 GBP.

How much does one container cost?

We offer two types of containers, 20′ standard container with the price of £1920 GBP and 40′ standard with the price £3200 GBP.

Why should I consider investments in containers among other alternative investment options?

The risk is low. 90% of everything worldwide is moved in a container. As there is no alternative to the container, they are always in demand and spit out passive income for the owners day and night. Containers are insured which means your investment is insured.

What is the average life of a container before it’s retired?

The answer is 20 years. But your investment capital is 100% preserved/protected because we guarantee to buy them back from you at the cost price (the price you paid) if you lease them to us for 5 years. This is article 5.1 of our contract.

What are the risks associated with the purchase and leasing of containers?

Containers always make money, sometimes more sometimes less. Container owners should not assume that monthly returns will always be the same, they will fluctuate. There is no risk to your capital, containers are insured and our container partners guarantee to buy them back from you at the price you paid for them after 5 years. Ownership of the container remains with the container owner at all times.

Will you buy back my containers back after 5-years at cost? Do I have to sell them after 5 years?

Our container partners will buy back your containers at cost, the price you paid as long as you lease your containers to us for 5 years or more. You do not have to sell them after 5-years; you can do so any time you choose. It does not matter whether it is after 5 years, 10 years or 20 years – they will still buy them from you at the price you paid. The only qualification to this is that if you purchase your containers elsewhere, we will pay the lower of the price you actually paid or the price you would have paid if you had purchased through us.

What happens if my container unit is damaged in transit, on the dock, or lost at sea?

Container damage is rare, but it does occur. You are personally indemnified from any damage the container might suffer during the course of business by insurance affected by the end user. If damage occurs when the container is not rented, our container partners will have insurance in place to cover the damage.

How and when is income distributed from my container unit investment?

You can claim a return on your investment once a month if you lease 4 containers or more. If you lease fewer than 4 shipping containers, you will receive returns on a quarterly basis. This will be paid into any bank account that you designate, anywhere in the world.

Will I be notified of where the containers are?

The container partners will not notify you of the whereabouts of your containers unless you specifically ask. The deployment and use of your containers is a professional matter that requires day to day tracking. Our partners do not discuss the distribution plan for the containers because the only plan is to lease them to those wishing to transport goods from one port to the next. If you wish to know where your containers are at any time, please feel free to contact us.

Will I know what my container will carry and where to? Am I responsible for its contents?

From the date of the signature on the contract leasing your containers to our container partners, you no longer have any legal responsibility for the container nor its content. We, our partners and the end user do.

What are the other differences for the container owner besides the rate of return between the 12% contract and the variable rate plan contract?

There is only one difference between the two contracts, the 12% is fixed and another one fluctuates. Under the 12% plan, our partners lease containers and rent them to industry under long term contracts. The variable rate plan is not fixed because our partners continually rent containers on the spot market under shorter term contracts, which produce much greater income.

After the five year contract has lapsed and I decide to sell, how long would it take to get my capital transferred back into my account? I.e. sell the containers?

The sale process is very simple. You inform us you wish to terminate the lease and when the containers come off hire your capital is transferred back to you within a maximum of 14 days.

What would be registration + (any other) charges for 40 foot containers, let say first 5 containers.

Through our reliable partners the price is all-inclusive. There are no hidden costs, if you instruct the partners to acquire 5 x 40 foot containers on your behalf from the supplier the total cost will be £16.000 GBP.

How long will this process take to complete to place containers in operation?

If you instruct our container partners to acquire the containers from our supplier on your behalf, from the moment we receive your payment to the containers being operational (deployed on active service) is 5 days, including registration, insurance and deployment.

What part will I have to play in terms of deciding whether or not to accept a contract?

As professionals in the shipping industry, our container partners handle renting of shipping containers. You lease the containers to them and need not be concerned with the daily operation. That is our job, we and our partners do it well so you don’t have to. If you do not want your containers to transport certain goods, such as alcohol for example, we do have a special contract with a no alcohol clause.

I want to increase my capital for retirement. Is it possible to include passive income generated by containers in my Super Fund?

This depends on the regulations in your country of residence. In some countries it is possible. Please call us and we will discuss it with you personally.

I saw some negative comments about shipping container investments on the Internet.

Containers deliver a monthly income to their owners in cash, not paper profits, hard cash every month.Most other investments do not deliver cash payments every month. More and more investors are moving into containers and other investment products are losing market share to containers.In an effort to compete they write negative comments about the container industry, fake news as it is now called. These negative comments are all anonymous and nobody is claiming they have lost money.