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On Shipping Container Investment with Invest Containers

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Invest Containers is an established leader in the container leasing industry.

  • High return investment at Fixed 12% annual ROI.
  • Complete capital preservation with buy back guarantee.

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Financial Goals

Once you have purchased your containers, we lease them out and you receive monthly payments from their rental. The return on investment from containers consistently outperform other assets see chart. With a fixed buy­back clause, you can be assured of complete capital preservation.

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“I am very satisfied with the investment in containers especially if you think that my other options were Forex and stocks that are way more risky and I have to follow up daily. To be honest the most important for me is that I don’t need to spend any of my time and think what to do, they handle everything for me and I get paid on time”

Nikos Sarris Nov. 2015


  • Rental income payments paid monthly when you purchase 4 containers (Quarterly if you own less than 4)
  • Buy back guarantee, total preservation of capital.
  • Containers have consistently outperformed other asset classes. Insured investment.
  • Tax free income.
  • Receive simple, easy to understand statements each month clearly showing your container portfolio performance.

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