High returns on short-term investments

Instrumental to the global cargo market, shipping containers offer a secure, reliable, and profitable investment. Unlike financial assets, cargo containers hold value through the years even in times of crisis. No matter the market, demand is assured for containers, making them the perfect way to remove risk from your portfolio.

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Secure, Safe & Low Risk

Once you invest, your containers are fully insured for your peace of mind. What’s more, your container is fully trackable so you know exactly where it is. After purchase, our specialist leasing network takes care of transporting your container from South America to China, at no cost. Then your container will be fully operational to make you money. You can sell it and take a profit or lease it for long term income.

Substantial capital gains

In South America, we are able to purchase containers at the lowest possible prices, where demand is low. In China, where containers are in high demand, you can capitalise on huge margins. Through buying in South America and selling in China, each container delivers substantial profit. This is possible because our core business is container leasing.

Low commission

Often investments come with a mountain of hidden fees, squeezing your margins. With us, you know exactly what you will pay through our totally transparent system. We simply advise where to buy your containers, and take just 5% commission of the profit.

Additional opportunities

Once owned, you can simply lease your containers through us to China, securing the highest rates which delivered 24.13% ROI in 2016.

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  • Easy, quick & profitable – Within a few months, you will see the profits and the return of capital on your investment. With container investment, you don’t need to wait for years to make a profit.
  • High returns – Capital gains 30%+.
  • Proven track record – Shipping containers have consistently outperformed other assets like stocks, bonds, precious metals and property. With guaranteed demand (90% of global trade is moved in a container), you know your investment is secure.
  • Insured investment – Your containers are insured. So your capital is protected.
  • Clear information – You can ask us any time any question regarding to shipping container investments. Also our real clients can share with you their experiences upon your request.
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“I am very satisfied with the investment in containers especially if you think that my other options were Forex and stocks that are way more risky and I have to follow up daily. To be honest the most important for me is that I don’t need to spend any of my time and think what to do, they handle everything for me and I get paid on time”

Nikos Sarris Nov. 2015

With our fast-growing client base around the world, over 8,000 customers have over half a million containers under lease. We know exactly how to deliver results to our thousands of clients, who enjoy the returns of simple well-planned and profitable trades.

Here is how you start building financial freedom by trading containers today:

Step 1

All you need to start your investment is one or more shipping container. Each unit, bought in South America, costs $2000.

Step 2

Using our network, we act as your rental agent. Not only will we take care of transporting your containers to China from start to finish, you will not pay a penny for the transfer, – the end users do.

Step 3

Once in China, we sell the containers and take a 5% commission of the profit. We only make money if you do, – if you win, we win.

Step 4

This investment opportunity earns you substantial profits.

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